DIY Rustic Farmhouse Shelf

I love rustic farmhouse style shelving as much as the next person, but buying it can turn pricey very quickly.

This year Aaron and I deciding to start building things together for our house as a way to save some money and create quality bonding time. It has been really fun, and we are always surprised by how our projects end up looking! I think in the beginning we expected them to fall apart, or look terrible so that could be part of it as well… 😉

This was our first project together, a rustic farmhouse shelf to go above our bed; this is a great option if you can’t afford (or don’t yet want to attempt to build..haha..) a headboard!


  • Rustoleum mulitcolored texture spraypaint20151107_110352 (1)
  • Rustoleum flat black paint+primer
  • (3) 12 inch galvanized pipe pieces
  • (3) galvanized pipe caps
  • (3) galvanized anchors
  • wood stain (we used miniwax special walnut)
  • (1) 2x10x8 pine board (make sure it is straight)
  • rags
  • spray paint masks
  • sandpaper
  • rubber gloves
  • black screws and wall anchors


  1. Put the galvanized pipe pieces together as shown.20150604_170304

2. Spray them with the texture spray and let dry until no longer gummy

20150604_171724       3. After they are dry, coat them with the flat black paint and let dry. (this gives the metal a wrought iron look that I just loved!!)                  4. In between coats of spray paint on the metal pieces, sand the board down paying spacial attention to the sharp cuts at the end. The more you wear those down the more rustic this piece looks!20150604_171850       5. Wipe the board with a clean rag to get rid of sawdust

6. Stain the board using an old rag (wear the rubber gloves) I believe we ended up doing two coats of the stain, make sure you allow drying time in between. The instructions on the stain will tell you to wait hours and hours, but when we used a rag to apply we found about 30 minutes of drying was usually enough. 20150604_174845      7. Attach the three metal pieces using anchors or finding the studs in the wall. (This shelf is relatively heavy so be sure it is sturdily attached to the wall)

20150606_091052     8. Place the board on the metal pieces and enjoy your new farmhouse shelf!! 🙂


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